Ralph Jones

About Ralph Jones

For my tenth birthday I received a kodak instamatic camera (high tech back in the day) and have been fascinated with capturing a moment in time ever since. In 2007 I retired after 30 years of service for the Ford Motor Company I renewed my passion for photography. In 2008 while traveling abroad I realized the perception of the city of Detroit was quite different than my personal experiences of the city. Upon my return to Detroit I began focusing on documenting the city. I joined aminus3 in the spring of 09 and it’s become a source of great joy and happiness for me, and I have learned quite a bit from critiquing and being critiqued by some of the most passionate, talented and creative people on the planet. I thank you for that.
Other interests include exploring the worlds waterways, I am an avid, swimmer, kayaker and dive-master (SCUBA), travel, and the practice of tai chi.

Photography Equipment

Canon 6 D
Canon 7 D
Canon 50 D
Canon 50 mm prime
Sigma 28 mm prime
Sigma 35mm prime
Sigma 70-200 mm
Sigma 10 -20 mm
Leica D-Lux 5

Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Bridge CS3
Adobe Lightroom
Photomatix Pro
Nix Silver Efex pro
Nix Dfine