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Seyi's Smile
19 June 2018

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7 June 2018

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11 January 2018

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Giant Steps
4 December 2017

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Scott Fountain Belle Isle
24 October 2017

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11 October 2017

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24 April 2017

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9 February 2017

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16 November 2016

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313 K9s
2 August 2016

Recent Comments

P-TER on 313 People
It's beautiful! Congratulations with your spotlight.

Existence Artistique on Joseph
superbe,c'est du bon travail

Dimitrios on Joseph

STEED on Joseph
Once more, a magnificent portrait of Yours,Ralph .....Superb monochrome ...*****

Anna Cherer on Joseph
Beautiful portrait !

Michael Skorulski on Joseph
Excellent portrait.

Existence Artistique on 313 People
c'est superbe

Ruthiebear on 313 People
Congratulations on your SPOTLIGHT!

Denny Jump on 313 People

Denny Jump on 313 People
I absolutely LOVE this one, Ralph!!

Denny Jump on 313 People
Fantastic and very moving presentation, Ralph!! <3 to you sir

STEED on 313 People
Your Portraits on the Wall,perhaps ? A Nice Street picture,Friend ...

kerrfoa on 313 People

Existence Artistique on Jimmy's Window to the World
superbe ces éléments à la fenêtre

STEED on 313 People
Of course !!!!!!!! Congrat's,Ralph ....

STEED on Jimmy's Window to the World
Marvel and Co live here !!!!!! Love this shot,Ralph ....

Benkirane Thami on 313 People
Excellent portrait avec toute la symbolique des grilles fermées. C'est comme si le monde était ...

omid on Jimmy's Window to the World
:) Amazing !!!!

omid on 313 People
very nice portrait! Lovely!

omid on 313 People
Amazing portrait! ... Congratulations! :)

Existence Artistique on 313 People
superbe ces regards

STEED on 313 People
Wooow,Ralph !!!!! Hat's off ....*****

Michael Skorulski on 313 People
Splendid portraits.

Existence Artistique on 313 People

STEED on 313 People
Love this Shot,Ralph !!!! Beautiful as a jacket for a Bluesy or Jazzy Record .....Excellent,Friend !!!! *****

Michael Skorulski on 313 People
Wonderful portrait.

Existence Artistique on 313 People
bien cette chevelure

STEED on 313 People
Youthness in Majesty ......Nice portrait,Friend .

Michael Skorulski on 313 People
Cool portrait.

STEED on Seyi's Smile
A Fine and Delicate portrait of Seyi .....Excellent,Ralph !!!! *****

Existence Artistique on Seyi's Smile
bien ce cadrage

Denny Jump on Seyi's Smile
Such a sweet look here!<3

beach on Seyi's Smile
She has a warm and comforting smile.

Michael Skorulski on Seyi's Smile
Excellent portrait.

Existence Artistique on Field Trip

STEED on Field Trip
Colours Colours !!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool portrait,Friend ...

beach on Field Trip
Love the contrast of the yellow flowers and purple hair.

Denny Jump on Stadium Super Trucks
Great Action scene here ;-)

Existence Artistique on Stadium Super Trucks

STEED on Stadium Super Trucks
Action !!!!! A pleasant reportage to do,I'm sure ....Nice shot,Ralph .

Denny Jump on Welcome to Detroit
Such a great image, Ralph!

Existence Artistique on Welcome to Detroit

STEED on Welcome to Detroit
Rageous and Nervous .....Nice shot,Ralph .

Existence Artistique on Stadium Super Truck

STEED on Stadium Super Truck
Ready for the Show !!!!!!!! Nice car,nice shot,Ralph !!!!

Denny Jump on Winning
Beautiful, Ralph!!

Existence Artistique on Winning

STEED on Winning
Surprise on the Race !!!!!! Nothing's closed fot the moment .......And the combat goes on ......Nice shot,Ralph .

Existence Artistique on Winning
c'est du bon travail

STEED on Winning
There's always a Winner and a Loser .....Glory for the "28",so .......Nice race's pictures,Ralph ...

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