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Giant Steps
4 December 2017

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313 People
26 November 2017

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Scott Fountain Belle Isle
24 October 2017

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'Round Midnight
21 October 2017

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11 October 2017

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Detroit Grand Prix
9 June 2017

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24 April 2017

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9 February 2017

Thumbnail image

16 November 2016

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313 K9s
2 August 2016

Recent Comments

Denny Jump on Giant Steps
What a magnificent story, Ralph! Even though I disappear a lot ,....and then is truly a thrill to see you ...

Denny Jump on Basketball Fan
Super image ;-) I Love it ;-)

Rick on Giant Steps
A gorgeous shot with colours to match what I'm sure was some vivid sound ! I love the write-up, too. Respect to ...

STEED on Giant Steps
The Beautiful story of Jazz's passionates and a young admirer in these (far) years ....But the Passion rarely dies ...

Existence Artistique on Giant Steps
superbe ce fond de couleur

omid on Basketball Fan
:)) Amazing!

barbod on Basketball Fan
very nice

Existence Artistique on Basketball Fan

STEED on Basketball Fan
Worffff !!!! Nothing better a ball's game to capture attention of a Cat .....Careful to the screen .....Excellent ...

: Helen : on Basketball Fan
Ha ha ha! This is too good! Congrats! What a sense of humour!

omid on 313 People
such beautiful composition, lights & shadows! Lovely!

Existence Artistique on 313 People

STEED on 313 People
The Maid is always a perfection !!!!!!!! Nice instant,Ralph .....

Lai Chan See on 313 People

omid on 313 People
Lovely moment!

AMIR BABA on 313 People

Annima on 313 People

Existence Artistique on 313 People

STEED on 313 People
I'm smelling intense and great preparation,here .......Love this intimate moments of a Wedding,Ralph ....Nice ...

Lalena on 313 People
OHHH Excellent!!! Superb instant!!! Love it.

Existence Artistique on 313 People

STEED on 313 People
Tenderness Instant .........Well done,Ralph .....

Existence Artistique on 313 People
beau couple

STEED on 313 People
What an excellent picture,Ralph ....Strong Face to Face ..I Love it !!!!!! *****

omid on 313 People
Lovely portraits!

Le Krop on 313 People
Une vision originale.

STEED on Water
A quiet place ....A kindly light above ......Perfect,Ralph ....

Existence Artistique on Water
belle recherche

Darkelf Photography on Water
Lovely composition with the sky looking especially fantastic.

STEED on Water
Always a good choice,Ralph .....Love the mood,here ....

Existence Artistique on Water
beau ciel

Dimitrios on Water
great frame

Ana Lúcia on Water
A new nice composition. A superb light.

STEED on Conduit
An excellent perspective,and THE Graphical picture of my Day ..Well done,Ralph !!!!! *****

Anna Cherer on Conduit
Beautiful graphic perspective

Olivier P on Conduit
A graphic shot ! Great catch ! well done !

omid on Conduit
such beautiful composition, lights & graphics! Amazing perspective!

Annima on Conduit
Nice lines.

Existence Artistique on Conduit
Intéressante perspective

STEED on Words .....Nice shot,Ralph ....

Existence Artistique on Words

STEED on 'Round Midnight
Amazing expression,and fabulous instrument,Ralph ......All the Pleasure and the Passion in the eyes of this performer ...

Steve Rice on 'Round Midnight
A cool portrait of this musician.

Existence Artistique on 'Round Midnight
c'est du bon travail

Steven on 313 People
A man who exudes confidence here.

Existence Artistique on 313 People

STEED on 313 People
Sometimes,I'll be curious to know if men behind dark glasses are watching ..........or asleep ..........Nice ...

omid on Afghan Box Camera
Amazing series!

Existence Artistique on Afghan Box Camera
superbe ce cadrage

STEED on Afghan Box Camera
The High Concentration of the Artist in search of Perfection ......Excellent portrait,Ralph ....

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