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"...and a diet soda"

Posted by
Ralph Jones (Detroit, United States) on 15 April 2010 in Food & Cuisine and Portfolio.

Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus.
We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes.

Mission Statement:
To document the city in an attempt to inspire an appreciation and understanding of the uniqueness of Detroit, her buildings, and her people.

Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus.
We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes.

STEED from Gueret, France

Wooofff !!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent...

15 Apr 2010 5:58am

Chris Pereira from San Jose, CA, United States

haha I love your title, that looks really yummy :D

15 Apr 2010 6:24am

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

ROFL.....super title for this shot Ralph! So what are the rest of them going to have??? ;-)))

15 Apr 2010 12:04pm

6ft5 from stockholm, Sweden

tsk tsk, and you say no to a donut! ;)

15 Apr 2010 1:14pm

Candid1 from Washington, DC, United States

Make that TWO diet sodas.....LOL!!! Great shot & title, love this!

15 Apr 2010 1:36pm

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

COOL ! This big sandwich would be for whole week for me :)

15 Apr 2010 2:11pm

hugo poon from hong kong, Hong Kong

Lovely moment! Wonderful joy and humor! So glad I've just had my dinner!:-)

15 Apr 2010 3:42pm

roeb from rotterdam, Netherlands

are you telling me they are going to eat this, in 1 time?!?
great tittle also.

ai to heiwa

15 Apr 2010 4:38pm

Chris Parr from Jefferson City, United States

Right! I can feel those pounds melting away! (Excellent shot)

15 Apr 2010 7:29pm

LauraS from Chico, United States

That's not a serving for just one, is it? Huge sandwich. Now you've made me hungry again!

15 Apr 2010 9:30pm

Stephen Phillips from San Francisco, United States

Great image, Ralph - the six toothpicks tells the tale perfectly! Nicely pictured.

15 Apr 2010 11:22pm

Stinkbug Photography from Cochise County, United States

A sandwich that looks that good deserves your expertise to bring it to us. Fantastic, Ralph.

16 Apr 2010 12:02am

Amanda from Jersey City, United States

Hahhaha...yes! And "Baked" chips. I am drooling over this image!!

16 Apr 2010 1:22am

JoeB from Brampton, Canada

That is some sandwich, a whole loaf of bread and a big knife to cut it with you have to be a horse to get your mouth around it. I'm dying to know what's in it.

16 Apr 2010 1:39am

Stu from Scotland | Living in 京都 Kyoto, Japan

Wow! Leave some for me too!

16 Apr 2010 1:53am

Self-Indulgence from Chicagoland, United States

Oh my that is huge! It always makes me laugh too the people that do that.. or cake even.. then have diet soda. =) great title!

16 Apr 2010 3:19am

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

LOL! Love the title! Your perspective here really emphasizes the sandwich's size. That would be three meals for me. Nice colors and layers that you have captured as well.

16 Apr 2010 4:37am

k@ from Paris, France

Love your humour & the people behind the super foreground.

16 Apr 2010 5:53am

Moreno from Stresa/Novara/Milano, Italy

Aahahahhh very ironical, I like it!

16 Apr 2010 9:21am

Thierry Masson from orly, France


16 Apr 2010 2:41pm

LoulouPix from New York, United States

Love the title.
Hope there's some kind of optical illusion on that sub.
Nice details and dof.
Nice pic Ralph

16 Apr 2010 8:29pm

stephanie from taipei, Taiwan

wow, was it delicious? i'm curious about big portion foods in US....

17 Apr 2010 4:41pm

Sandy Weston from Madison, Maine, United States

I'm dying to know what's in it too! Not sure that the young one is having any....not with that "binky" pasted in his mouth ;) Trying to cut it would be a feat. Great shot!

17 Apr 2010 9:14pm

Mr Jintro from New Bury, United Kingdom

If this wasn't set up, it's a great find!

18 Apr 2010 8:53pm

Albert from Hamburg, Germany

Urk. Humorous photo and title. I like the composition with some people in the makes the photo more interesting (an advice to myself maybe ;) )

1 May 2010 3:25pm

Per from Central Florida, United States

Makes perfect sense to me! If that had been in New Orleans the sandwich would be perfect (its all about the bread...)

15 May 2010 1:44pm